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WBCCC: Victorious With Aquarium

The WBCCC (World Blitz Correspondence Chess Championship) started out as an idea to make correspondence chess tournaments more interesting:

  • The games are broadcast on the Rybka Forum. When a move is made it is automatically posted on the forum along with a diagram of the current position.
  • The forum users, both the players themselves and others, can discuss the games freely, but of course the observers are not allowed to suggest moves or make comments that may directly influence the move choice of the players.
  • The games are played at a fast pace compared to traditional correspondence games.
  • Now that the first tournament has come to an end, it is clear it was a success. Many strong players participated, some of them using very impressive hardware and opening books. The games were hard-fought and the forum discussions were lively. After ten grueling rounds, José Sanz emerged as the clear winner, scoring 7½ points and finishing 1½ points ahead of his closest rivals.

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    Houdini 2 Aquarium

    In an announcement earlier this month, ChessOK introduced a new member of the Aquarium family: Houdini 2 Aquarium. It’s actually a group of products comprising Houdini and Aquarium, available both in a single package and as separate products. As chess players know by now, Houdini is currently the highest rated chess engine and the new Aquarium version is an even better analysis tool than previous versions. Best of all, the new Aquarium version will be available as a free update for current Aquarium 2011 users.
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    Sending Games and Position to IDeA

    In this column I describe various methods of sending games and positions to IDeA. In addition to (or instead of) letting IDeA choose positions to analyze, you let it analyze the positions that interest you.

    I assume that you are using Aquarium 2011, which has greatly improved support for sending positions to IDeA. Furthermore, I expect that your IDeA project is linked to a database game, as it allows you to send infinite analysis variations automatically to IDeA. For information on linking a game to an IDeA project, see IDeA Master Trees and IDeA Game Links. In general, I recommend linking games to IDeA projects instead of running the analysis from IDeA mode, as was necessary in previous Aquarium versions. Read the rest of this entry »

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