Houdini Aquarium 2019 & ChessOK Aquarium 2020
Houdini Aquarium 2019 is a new powerful analysis, database and chess publishing tool, powered by the world's strongest chess engine Houdini 6 and 7-piece Lomonosov Tablebases.

Houdini 6 Aquarium 2019 €53.95
ChessOK Aquarium 2020 €35.95

Houdini 2.0c Update
Fixes • Nalimov EGTB probing would not recognize KvK end game. • Nalimov EGTB: Houdini would exit when a corrupt table base file was encountered. • On some Windows systems the internal timer would overflow after approx. 30 minutes. Improvements and New Features • New MultiPV_cp option to limit multi-PV analysis to moves within a range of the best move. • New FiftyMoveDistance option to make the 50-move rule kick in earlier. • New UCI_Elo and UCI_LimitStrength options as UCI standard-compliant alternative to Strength option. • Houdini now exits when it detects that the communication with the GUI is broken. Follow the instructions below to update Houdini: Read the rest of this entry »

Tal Memorial 2011
The Tal Memorial takes place in Moscow November, 16th – 25th. The palyers participating are: Magnus Carlsen, Viswanathan Anand, Levon Aronian, Vladimir Kramnik, Vassily Ivanchuk, Sergey Karjakin, Hikaru Nakamura, Peter Svidler, Boris Gelfand and Ian Nepomniachtchi. [–table–] Games: Round 1 [download PGN], Round 2 [download PGN], Round 3 [download PGN], Round 4 [download PGN], Round 5 [download PGN], Round 6 [download PGN], Round 7 [download PGN], Round 8 [download PGN], Round 9 [download PGN]

Houdini Opening Book released!
ChessOK is glad to announce the release of an extra strong Houdini 2 book specially created for using with the Houdini 2.0 engine. Houdini Opening Book provides the latest chess theory that proved itself in millions of advanced chess games and matches of top human players. It includes over 65 million positions. The book can be used in Aquarium GUI and in other GUIs (Fritz etc.) via Aquarium Book Adapter, supplied with Aquarium build 490. — Houdini Opening Book (download) – $29.99 / €20.42 — Houdini Opening Book (DVD) – $29.99 / €20.42 — Read more about Houdini Opening BookUpdate Aquarium to build 490 (required for Houdini Opening Book) — Read more about using Houdini Opening Book in other interfaces

Aquarium 2011 / Houdini Aquarium updates. Build 490.

Convekta/ChessOK is glad to announce the release of the latest updates for Aquarium products. It is highly recommended to download and install these updates as they include a set of important new features. It is especially important for Aquarium 2011 users, as they receive the full set of features implemented in Houdini Aquarium.

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18th European Team Championship
The 18th European Team Championships both Open and for Women take place in the resort of Porto Carras on the Sithonia, Halkidiki peninsula in crisis torn Greece Thursday 3rd – Friday 11th November 2011. A star filled lineup with Aronian, Karjakin, Topalov, Ivanchuk, Svidler, Morozevich, Giri, Adams, Short to mention just a few. Play starts at 13:00GMT. Games: Round 1 [download PGN], Round 2 [download PGN], Round 3 [download PGN], Round 4 [download PGN], Round 5 [download PGN], Round 6 [download PGN], Round 7 [download PGN], Round 8 [download PGN], Round 9 [download PGN] Standings open section Standings women section

Houdini Sofware Family has been released on DVD
Houdini is the rating lists’ leading chess engine. Houdini family of products allows users to take full advantage of Houdini’s power through effective and innovative analysis methods. Now on DVD: — Houdini 2 Aquarium Standard – $62.5 / €50
Houdini 2 Aquarium Pro – $99 / €79.2

Chess Assistant 12 Starter with Houdini Standard – $99 / €79.2
Chess Assistant 12 with Houdini Pro – $149 / €119.2
Chess Assistant 12 Mega with Houdini & Gold Nalimov Tablebases – $199.9 / €159.92

Houdini 2 UCI Standard – $52 / €41.6
Houdini 2 UCI Pro – $79 / €63.2

Chess Assistant 12 Automatic Update
Automatic update function for CA 12 is now available! To get your login for this function, send an e-mail with your serial number to info@chessok.com. Don’t forget to include your serial number, or we will not be able to send you the login. Your serial number will be your password for automatic updates.

Chess Assistant 12 products family has been released!
Chess Assistant 12 is a unique tool for managing chess games and databases, playing chess online, analyzing games, or playing chess against the computer. Chess Assistant 12, Starter package includes Houdini 2, powerful search system, Opening Encyclopedia and databases of 5.1 million games in total (before October 1, 2011) that can be updated from www.chessok.com each week with 2000 new games for free. Chess Assistant 12, Professional package includes all features of the Starter package, plus Houdini 2 PRO and the DVD version of ChessOK Aquarium 2011, to which you can also connect the Houdini 2 Pro engine. Houdini 2 Aquarium and Chess Assistant owners can buy Chess Assiatant 12 for the price of the Upgrade version. Chess Assistant 12, Starter package (download) – $89 / 71.2 Euro Chess Assistant Professional package (download) – $139 / 111.2 Euro Upgrade Chess Assistant 12, Starter package (download) – $75 / 60 Euro Upgrade Chess Assistant Professional package (download) – $115 / 92 Euro

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