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Chess Lessons There will be new lectures about actual chess topics in this section. There are two lessons at once in our first issue today. – The first lesson is called Advantage in Developmenthas been prepared for you by GM Alexander Kalinin. This lesson is the small part of Chess Strategy program. – The second lesson prepared by ICCF grand master Mikhail Kalinichenko is called Kings gambit. It’s a short fragment of Opening Instructor program. Live Comments There will be all games from the biggest tournaments broadcasted online since June, 2008. Also for the most interesting game of the day there will be available live comments by ICCF IM Mikhail Emelianov.

Aerosvit-2008 (7th-20th June 2008)
Carlsen1 The International chess tournament ‘AEROSVIT-2008’ takes place 7-20.06.2008 in Foros (Crimea, Ukraine). There are 12 grand masters from seven countries in the round robin tournament. The mean rating of participants equals to 2711. The time control is 40 moves in 90 minutes and 30 minutes for the remaining moves with an increment of 30 seconds per move. 11 round P. Svidler – L. Van Wely 1/2 V. Ivanchuk – P. Eljanov 1-0 S. Karjakin – M. Carlsen 1/2 A. Volokitin – E. Alekseev 1-0 D. Jakovenko – L-D. Nisipeanu 1/2 A. Onischuk – A. Shirov 0-1 1round; 2round; 3 round; 4 round; 5 round; 6 round; 7 round; 8 round; 9 round; 10 round; Read the rest of this entry »

Interactive Deep Analysis with Rybka Aquarium

Rybka 3 Aquarium logotype We have heard from the developers of both Rybka 3 (see last month’s column) and Rybka Aquarium, the new Rybka user interface (see the April column).
Now it’s time to get a sneak preview of what Aquarium is capable of. We’ll only examine one of it’s many interesting features, but it’s a feature that will be of great help for the serious chess player.
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Karen Asrian Memorial 2008
The Armenian Chess Federation is organizing a “Chess Giants Yerevan 2008” Rapid Round-Robin Tournament with the participation of world’s eight top Grandmasters from June 8 to 15, 2008. The prize fund of the event is 262.000 US$. 1 round; 2 round; 3 round; 4 round; 5 round; 6 round; 7round; 8round; 9 round; 10 round; 11 round; 12 round; 13 round; 14round Read the rest of this entry »

XXI Magistral Ciudad de Leon. Ivanchuk has newly won!


There was a rapid chess tournament, the “XXI Magistral Ciudad de Leon” in Leon, Spain. At first finalists were determined by four participants in four-game matches with 20 min. + 10 sec. per move time control…. Also there was a tiebreaker consisting of blitz games in the case of a draw.The tense struggle was guaranteed by the strong line-up. There was Anand (India, 2803) the reigning World champion, sevenfold winner of the tournament, Ivanchuk (Ukraine, 2740), Shirov, double-ply winner of the tournament (Spain,2740) and Vallejo Pons (Spain, 2684) amongst the participants of the tournament. Ivanchuk confidently beat Shirov 3-1 and Anand won against Vallejo Pons only on tiebreaker 3,2 – 2,5. The final match between Anand – Ivanchuk was the high point of the tournament. The first two games was a win each and the third game was a draw. In the decisive game Anand made an exchange sacrifice and was forced to surrender two moves after the accurate reply made by Ivanchuk.

All games:

4th Pivdenny Bank Chess Cup


The 4th Pivdenny Bank Chess Cup took place in Odessa 30th May – 1nd June 2008. There was a four way tie on 9/14 with Pavel Tregubov taking first on tie-break from Yuri Drozdovskij, Boris Gelfand and Ruslan Ponomariov. 1round: 2round: 3round: 4round: 5round: 6round: 7round: 8round: 9round: 10round: 11round: 12round: 13round: 14round:

BOSNA 2008
The traditional Bosnia Sarajevo tournament takes place 23rd May – 2nd June 2008. 10 round Dominguez Perez, Leinier – Movsesian, Sergei 1/2 Predojevich, Borki – Sokolov,Ivan 1-0 Timofeev,Artyom – Morozevich,Alexander 1/2 Commented games: 1 round 2 round 3 round 4 round 5 round 6 round 7round 8round 9round

King’s Tournament Bazna
The King’s Tournament takes place in Bazna. Romania 24th May – 4th June 2008. 11round: L.Portish – A.Sokolov 1/2 U.Andersson – A.Beliavsky 1/2 H.Mecking – M.Suba 1/2 Y.Timman – A.Murariu 0-1 R.Vaganian – А.Khalifman 1/2 1round: 2round: 3round: 4round: 5round: 6round: 7round: 8round: 9round: 10round:

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