Alekhine Defense - A Complete Guide

Alekhine Defense - A Complete Guide
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Authors: Maxim Chetverik & Nikolay Kalinichenko
Title: Alekhine Defense . A Complete Guide

This book, consisting of 16 parts and 87 chapters, not only covers the traditioanal Alekhine lines but also takes a comprehensive look at variations rooted firmly in the 21st century. Moreover, thanks to the use of modern technology and the authors’ deep analysis the evalutions of many well-known lines have been revised.

The authours have strived to write a lively work which is useful for both players with high ELO ratings and club players.

543 pages
Hard cover
Format: 22 х 15 х 3
Weight: 782 g

Published: Moscow 2018
ISBN 978-5-94693-689-7
Edited by Sergey Sudakov and Kiril Kuznetsov
Translated from the Russian original by Ilan Rubin
Design by Alexey Belov