"Masterpieces of Chess Composition - II"

"Masterpieces of Chess Composition - II"
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Here are the subsequent three volumes of the series containing masterpieces from the golden treasury of chess lore. They can be solved directly from the diagrams, without chess boards and pieces.

VOLUME IV - Samuel Loyd. 50 pages, 100 best studies. Loyd, founder of the modern thematic chess problem, astonished the world with numerous thematic discoveries, involving doubling, regrouping and interference of pieces, line vacation and unstalemating of the black king.

VOLUME V - Vasily and Mikhail Platov. 50 pages, 100 best studies. Classics of the modern artistic chess study, the Platov brothers developed themes such as battle of two pieces against a queen, luring black pieces onto key squares, and subtle aspects of rook endings.

VOLUME VI - Richard Reti and Jindrich Fritz. 50 pages, 100 best studies. Reti, a famous grandmaster and an outstanding theoretician, is known to have preferred positions with mutual zugzwang and paradoxical entry moves, supported by thematic false trails.
Fritz, a grandmaster of chess composition and an international arbiter, was a follower of the Bohemian chess school. His studies invariably end in pretty and correct checkmates or stalemates.

Languages: English, German, Spanish, Russian. Colored cover, paperback. Moscow 2002.

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