"Manual of Chess Endings"

"Manual of Chess Endings"
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What is new about the present book is that it only examines an exact position. Such positions form the skeleton of all works on the endgame already published, but no one of these authors is able to resist the temptation to proceed further, from the simple to the complicated. So they deal with problematic positions, where what is required of a player is not only exact knowledge, but also stamina, fighting, spirit, will–to–win and so on. Thus you have here a collection of the 600 most standard (exact) endgame positions. Contents:
  1. Pawn endings
  2. Knight endings
  3. Bishop endings
  4. Bishop against knight
  5. Mixed piece endings. Mate with the minor pieces
  6. Rook endings
  7. Queen endings
  8. Endings with an unusual material balance
  9. Solutions
English, German, Spanish and Russian languages. Hard cover. 182 pages. Moscow 2003.