Chess Internet for Java [↓]

Chess Internet for Java [↓]
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Do you want to play chess and communicate through the Internet using your mobile phone? If so – then this program is meant especially for you. Unlike similar programs you needn't pay annual fees – you can buy this program and play through the Internet at the portal chessOK, using the most advanced interface for mobile phone (screen size 176X208) that includes the following modes:

  • Free playing at the portal chessOK for the unlimited period under the login chosen by you with rating calculations for each type of time controls.
  • Game mode. User-friendly interface of the board and pieces. The opponent's move is shown automatically. The convenient use of a stylus and extra buttons.
  • Wide choice of players. At chessOK 400-500 players of different levels are playing at once. You can always find an equal opponent for your favourite time control.
  • Viewing the list of players that mentions login, rating for different controls, status. You can sort and filter any list at your option. The list, rating and players' status are constantly updated as they change.
  • Auto compensation of time delays.
  • Searching and challenging an opponent based on the rating and time control. View personal and general challenges received by you and accept/decline them.
  • Chat communicating both with the selected player and with the group of players.
  • Watching games being played . You can view the list of all games being played by mentioning opponents' names and rating and time control. Any of the games being played is available for watching with automatical display of the moves.

System requirements: Mobile Phone (screen size 176X208) or more.