Deep Rybka Aquarium 2011 (DVD)

Deep Rybka Aquarium 2011 (DVD)
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Deep Rybka Aquarium 2011 offers advanced analysis functions, game commenting, searching, powerful chess trees, playing, databases and much more.

With a copy of Deep Rybka Aquarium 2011 you will also get a bonus of Openings Encylopedia 2011, which includes rich theoretical material on all the openings, more than 8000 annotations from GM Kalinin and 500 000 expert evaluations expert evaluations to key opening positions, which were verified and corrected by Rybka and 40 million of evaluations by Rybka engine. There's a powerful search system as well.

Short description:
  • Deep Rybka 4.1 engine - World Computer Chess champion and rating lists leader. Deep Rybka 4.1 can be also used in Fritz and other chess programs
  • Analyze and annotate your games with Aquarium's advanced analysis methods
  • Databases with fast searches
  • Powerful and fast chess trees
  • Play against the computer
  • Publish your chess text: Print, word processor or web
  • Database: 4,700,000 games (up to April 1, 2011).
  • Supports Chessbase/Fritz CBH format (read and convert), Chess Assistant CDP, PGN and EPD databases
  • One year free membership in ChessOK Playing Zone. In order to activate your membership, please mail us at with your serial number and login, once you've registered on ChessOK Playing Zone.
  • Full Windows 10, 8, 7 (32 & 64 bit) and Vista compatibility.

What's new in Deep Rybka Aquarium 2011 compared to Deep Rybka Aquarium 4:

  • Updated Deep Rybka 4.1 engine
  • Up to date (April 2011) databases, trees and CAP evaluations.
  • IDeA is much faster and more intellectual.
  • Infinite analysis and IDeA are integrated to work together in the games.
  • Result of infinite analysis of different engines can be stored in different trees.
  • ChessOK Playing Zone client for playing chess by network is integrated into installation package. One year free membership is provided to Aquarium 2011 owners.

Language versions: English, German, Spanish, Italian and French versions are available.

System requirements: PC, 256 MB RAM, 4GB of free disk space, Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista.

This product is on DVD. For download version look there.

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Aquarium is a modern graphical user interface (GUI) designed for Rybka with full support for its features, including randomizer matches, persistent hash and sampled search.

Analysis methods

  • New Interactive Deep Analysis (IDeA) – a new and advanced approach to analysis:
    • Simultaneous analysis by multiple Rybka instances. Use 2, 4, 10, 20 or even 50 chess engines at the same time for faster results
    • Use the power of multiple computers for analysis at the same time and collect all the results automatically on your own computer
    • Use the computers on your home network or connect to computers over the internet to increase the analysis power
  • Variable multi-variation analysis (evaluation limited)
  • Infinite Analysis is more flexible than ever with analysis presets. Use many engines at the same time, all analyzing the same position or different games.
  • Game Analysis
  • Find Blunders
  • Batch analysis of selected positions
Play against computer
  • Play chess against the computer (any installed engine) from any position with flexible time controls
  • Tournament or Fun mode with hints and drawbacks
  • Automatic rating calculation
  • Material handicaps and rating handicaps (ELO 700-2400) with rating based opening book
  • Chess960/Fischerandom games
  • Blindfold and semi-blindfold games
Openings books and trees
  • State of the art chess trees (fast, powerful, compact)
  • Advanced opening book creation and modification
  • Fast and flexible move coloring system
  • User defined move color priority (play only experimental moves where available etc.)
  • Combine several trees into one tree configuration for unprecedented flexibility
  • Use a discarded moves tree to mask certain moves or opening systems from being played
  • Multiple, reusable discarded moves trees
  • Add comments to trees – even visual annotations
  • Build trees from a list of games
  • A database with over 4,700,000 games
  • Very fast searches.
  • An opening book for chess engines
  • A special rating handicap opening book for playing against the computer
Internet accessible data
  • On-line access to Nalimov endgame tablebases (3-6 pieces)
  • Free online play
  • Free Internet chess server access
  • Chess Resource Server
  • A new approach to program and database updates
  • Automatic program updates
  • Automatic database updates
  • Updates to other Aquarium related data
User data exchange
  • iBooks
  • A powerful system for publishing chess texts in print and on the web
  • Suitable for short texts (e.g. for a blog entry) as well as books containing hundreds of pages
  • Images, diagrams (both full and partial), visual annotations
  • Full flexibility in arranging order of pages, sections etc. until the document is published
  • Printing and web publishing
  • Print one or more games with annotations
  • Publish games on the web with JavaScript replay option
  • Blog export with support for
Chess Engines
  • Chess engine support: Universal Chess Interface (UCI) protocol, WinBoard protocol
  • There are hundreds of free and commercial chess engines are available and can be easily managed within Aquarium
  • Install all engines from a selected directory with the click of a button
  • Various engine tournaments and matches capabilities:
    • Round robin and Swiss system tournaments
    • Blitz, Tournament, Time/move and fixed-depth time controls
    • Flexible opening book selection
    • User defined starting position in tournaments and matches
    • Optionally use EPD file with starting positions for matches

  • Compatible with all recent Windows systems
  • Compatible with single core/multi-core systems

In English — DOC, PDF

In German — DOC, PDF

In French — DOC, PDF