For Kids & Beginners

The programs from this category are mostly oriented to the novice players and young people desired to increase their level of play.

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Advanced Defense (CD)Buy Now
Advanced Defense (CD)
Levels 3 - 5 [Rating 1000-1600]; Tactics. 400 exercises on piece protection and checkmate prevention.
From Beginner to Club Player (CD)Buy Now
From Beginner to Club Player (CD)
Levels 1 - 5 [Rating 200-1600]; Tactics, Strategy. 500 examples and 700 exercises. 100 different topics covering all main aspects of chess.
Chess Tactics for Beginners 2.0 (CD)Buy Now
Chess Tactics for Beginners 2.0 (CD)
Levels 1 - 4 [Rating 200-1400]; Tactics. Over 2200 tactical exercises classified by theme and difficulty
Elementary Combinations (CD)Buy Now
Elementary Combinations (CD)
Levels 3 - 4 [Rating 1000-1400]; Tactics. Over 5000 exercises for beginners.
Easy Ways of Taking Pawns and Pieces (CD)Buy Now
Easy Ways of Taking Pawns and Pieces (CD)
Level 1 [Rating 200-600]; Tactics. Over 5800 exercises will teach you not to miss capture opportunities and protect your own pieces.
Simple Defense (CD)Buy Now
Simple Defense (CD)
Level 2 [Rating 600-1000], Tactics. Over 3000 exercises with many pieces on the board.
CT-ART for Beginners (DVD)Buy Now
CT-ART for Beginners (DVD)
Level 5 [Rating 1400-1600]; Tactics. 150 examples and 1500 exercises on more than 30 tactical methods and motifs.
Total Chess Tactics (on CD)Buy Now
€22.50  €18.00
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Total Chess Tactics (on CD)
Total Chess Tactics package consist of 3 products: Chess Tactics level 1, 2 and Chess Tactics level 3.
Training Package for Beginners (CD)Buy Now
€35.95  €28.76
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Training Package for Beginners (CD)
Training Package for Beginners includes huge carefully selected material to improve the skill level of newer players.
Checkmates I (on CD)Buy Now
Checkmates I (on CD)
Level 1 [Rating 200-600]; Tactics, School Software. 40,000 exercises on elementary checkmates.