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Almost all teaching programs are adapted for mobile devices.

Pocket Chess Super Pack [↓]Buy Now
Pocket Chess Super Pack [↓]
This Set includes ten excellent programs for Pocket PC
Pocket Chess Opening Instructor [↓]Buy Now
Pocket Chess Opening Instructor [↓]
Pocket Chess Opening Instructor is an interactive tutorial for Pocket PC for intermediate players.
Pocket Champion [↓]Buy Now
Pocket Champion [↓]
Playing program “PocketChampion” for Pocket PC is a universal chess partner both for amateurs and professional players.
Pocket Chess Internet [↓]Buy Now
Pocket Chess Internet [↓]
Unlike similar programs you needn't pay annual fees – you can buy this program and play through the Internet at the portal chessOK, using the most advanced interface for Pocket PC
Pocket CT-ART [↓]Buy Now
Pocket CT-ART [↓]
Pocket CT-ART is the first training program on chess tactics for Pocket PC.
Pocket Chess Combinations [↓]Buy Now
Pocket Chess Combinations [↓]
Pocket Chess Combinations is the training program on chess combinations for Pocket PC.
Pocket Chess Strategy [↓]Buy Now
Pocket Chess Strategy [↓]
Pocket Chess Strategy is the first chess program to teach strategy and positional play on a Pocket PC.
Pocket Encyclopedia of Middlegame [↓]Buy Now
Pocket Encyclopedia of Middlegame [↓]
Pocket Encyclopedia of Middlegame is a new learning software for the Pocket PC dedicated to the opening and the middlegame.
Pocket Chess Endings [↓]Buy Now
Pocket Chess Endings [↓]
Pocket Chess Endings is the best program for studying the endgame on a Pocket PC.
Pocket Encyclopedia of Opening Blunders [↓]Buy Now
Pocket Encyclopedia of Opening Blunders [↓]
Pocket Encyclopedia of Opening Blunders is the opening training program for Pocket PC.