Chess Assistant 17 & Chess Assistant 17 PRO
Chess Assistant 17 combines advanced game database management, analysis powered by the strongest Houdini 5 engine, the advanced Tree mode, Opening Encyclopedia and many other features.

Chess Assistant 17 with Houdini 5 — $94.95 / €75.96
Chess Assistant 17 PRO with Houdini 5 PRO — $145.95 / €116.76 » Houdini Aquarium 2017 and ChessOK Aquarium 2017 Released
Houdini Aquarium 2017 and ChessOK Aquarium 2017 Released 29 November 2016

Houdini Aquarium 2017, Houdini PRO Aquarium 2017 and ChessOK Aquarium 2017 are available for download!

ChessOK Aquarium 2017 is an advanced chess analysis software featuring the world’s best analysis tools: Interactive Deep Analysis (IDeA), CAP analysis, chess trees etc.

Houdini Aquarium 2017 combines the effective and innovative analysis and publishing tools of the Aquarium 2017 interface with the immense calculating power of Houdini 5, one of the world’s strongest playing engines.

What’s new:

  • Houdini 5 - the engine has improved greatly since the previous version and is now stronger than ever, 200 ELO points over its predecessor Houdini 4. Houdini 5 PRO coming with Houdini PRO Aquarium 2017 can now support up to 128 cores and 128 GB of hash, including NUMA support! (Not included in ChessOK Aquarium 2017).
  • Chess King LEARN subscription (3 months for Houdini Aquarium 2017 and ChessOK Aquarium 2017, 1 year for Houdini PRO Aquarium 2017), giving access to all courses available there (37 courses as of Nov.2016 and counting)! The courses are available in 9 European languages, sorted by category and difficulty level, and include such gems as Chess Tactics for Beginners 2.0, Chess: From Beginner to Club Player, Chess Strategy, Chess Middlegame series, several courses from CT-ART and Chess Tactics in the Opening series and more.
  • Updated databases now contain 6.6 million games in total!
  • 1-year access to Lomonosov Tablebases! The subscription will be active for 1 year starting the date of activation at the tablebases service.

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7-man Lomonosov Tablebases provide deeper-than-ever insight into chess endgame.

Download weekly chess database updates (containing 2000+ games) with latest tournaments and games in PGN and Chess Assistant format.

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