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Chess Assistant 18 combines advanced game database management, analysis powered by the strongest Houdini 6 engine, the advanced Tree mode, Opening Encyclopedia and many other features.

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Houdini 2.0c Update 23 November 2011

• Nalimov EGTB probing would not recognize KvK end game.
• Nalimov EGTB: Houdini would exit when a corrupt table base file was encountered.
• On some Windows systems the internal timer would overflow after approx. 30 minutes.

Improvements and New Features
• New MultiPV_cp option to limit multi-PV analysis to moves within a range of the best move.
• New FiftyMoveDistance option to make the 50-move rule kick in earlier.
• New UCI_Elo and UCI_LimitStrength options as UCI standard-compliant alternative to Strength option.
• Houdini now exits when it detects that the communication with the GUI is broken.

Follow the instructions below to update Houdini:

1. Open this page:
2. Enter your serial number from any of our programs that come with Houdini 2, and download the 2.0c update
3. If Houdini is running, close it before running the update
4. Run the Houdini 2.0c update
5. Update will ask for the installation path. It should remember the original installation path so you probably shouldn’t change anything
6. Update will ask for a serial number. It should remember the original installation serial, so again, you probably wouldn’t need to change anything
7. Continue the installation
8. New engine parameters of Houdini 2.0c, such as `FiftyMovesDistance` would be visible in Aquarium after the first run of the engine or after you click on a green mark in a `Status` column

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